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Business Overview


Alia Fadili has been a well-known successful real estate developer and contractor since 1996. The business headquarters is located in Wakefield, MA. The projects include the development of luxury residential multi-family complexes, single family residential subdivisions, custom homes, high rise condominiums, as well as commercial office buildings.

Ms. Fadili is second generation, building off of her many years in the real estate and design build field. Ms. Fadili credits her success in real estate development and construction management by following her mantra; quality leaves a lasting impression. Alia Fadili spent most of her adolescent years working in real estate sales and marketing. Since completing her studies at Merrimack College, she has been extremely active in a vastly diverse number of investment and development projects over the past 18 years and has developed a strong reputation in the marketplace as a skilled developer/builder that creates lasting and enhanced value to each of her investments.


Alia Fadili has received three Prism Awards (Two Gold and one Silver).

Ms. Fadili has assembled a team of professionals that have been significant resources in the areas of planning, architectural design, engineering and a wide spectrum of construction projects.

Ms. Fadili has demonstrated a history of successful accomplishments and has shown a strong sense of business acumen which has enabled her to create a good economic value for her and her business, while at the same time developing a strong local following in active investment opportunities. Ms. Fadili is currently involved in new development which has received unanimous approvals and strong community support. The new Clock Tower Residences is the culmination of several years of planning on an outstanding property at the junction of George Street and I-95 Pawtucket, RI, this development has taken an extreme amount of ingenuity, bringing back an abandoned 1875 historical brick and mortar building. Ms. Fadili had a unique vision to see what this abandoned building potential could be, by doing a full rehabilitation including challenging structural changes to give this newly restored building an unapparelled modern design.

Business History

Alia Fadili along with her team brings experience, innovation and energy to each project in the region. Alia Fadili, in a coordinated effort with her planners and management team places emphasis on the special blend of characteristics that influence each site.

The projects are designed to enhance the community with a creative approach that sets new standards in the industry. From an operation standpoint, a regional administrative group provides full-time, high-level investments, construction, property management, and marketing support to each operating site.

The management has an outstanding track record, planning and developing unique successful investment opportunities. Alia Fadili's track record demenstrates her success in the real estate development industry.


The expertise of Alia's team of professionals coupled withtheir commitment to quality, style, planning and designs of unique developments with sensitivity to the environment and emphasis on sound investment approach.




1997 - Planned, developed and constructed a multi-unit high-rise condominium buildings in Stoneham, MA.


1997 - Development and constructed the site work, infrastructure and utilities of a site in preparation for 107 units at property located at Salem Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts.


1998-2000 - Heron Pond Development and construction of a residential comminity consisting of 107 units of Town House style condominium of 14.0 acres in Wakefield, Massachusetts.


Development and construction of 90 Unit apartment of 5 Buildings, Stoneham, MAssechusetts.




1997-1998 - Construction of 38 single family homes at Valley View Farm Estates. Haverville, Ma.



1999-2001 Production and supply of mixed rocks, crushed stone and gravel to the largest Federal project in Boston "Big Dig" Central Artery project.



2001-2006 - Performed construction and restoration of docking piers on a commercial Marina in Boston Harbour known as Eastport, East Boston, Massachusetts.

Mining and aggregate of Building materials :

2007-2012 Ea\stablished Mining of limestone and other materials quarrying and crushing operation The mining facility in the area of Jabel Wasa in the Sultanate of Oman, by bringing togather a technical team of highly motivated professionals in the field of mining and quarry operation, a major supplier of the NAKHEEL water front Project.


Aggregate Operation & Quarry Production


Adel Amir and Alia Operating the mining quarry

Emrock Mix Rocks operation and Inventory


Planning, Developing and construction of residential community consisting of 132 units with exceptional location and sofisticated desin, Clock Tower Residence, Pawtucket, RI.

Phase one

Phase 3

Some would measure success by the size of a company, Alia Fadili & her team measure success by being the best at what they do.
The Management team organized by Alia Fadili has the proven ability to adapt to a variety of business cycles.
The management teams have been able to attract sophisticated developments within New England with the total support of the community and local government as well as Federal government.
Focusing primarily on real estate development and investment opportunities for todays life-style.
In 1999 Alia and her family were honored with three awards for outstanding Architectural Design, Building and Marketing by the Builders Association of Greater Boston as high quality builders. (Two Gold and One Silver).
Throughout its twenty years, Alia Fadili’s team has designed and constructed over 352 residential developments as well as many commercial and industrial projects, with a gross total of investment value over $150,000.000 (One Hundred Fifty Million Dollars).
The new residential development of I D Holdings was unanimously approved by the City and also supported by the Federal government including the funding of $13.1 million in a Federal grant dedicated to the construction of new Commuter Rail Project which is less than ¾ mile from the new I D Holdings residential development.
Together with steady steps we will shape the future.

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